From five to 750 people

Whether as a single film crew or in different film teams, a Filmevent is very flexible in terms of the number of participants. We form groups of up to 15 people who produce their own short film with the help of filmmakers.

Flexible in place and time

From a two-hour short shoot to a day-long film festival, we have the right offer for everyone. We transform the booked seminar hotel, your company headquarters or the local cinema into a film set for a few hours.

In English, German and French

We design events in Swiss German, German, English, French and every hybrid in between. With professional translation we have organized events in many other languages as well.

The right task for all participants

The team becomes a film crew and realizes its own films in groups. Everyone finds a suitable role on the set - whether in front of or behind the camera. Of course, we make sure that everyone can be found in the finished product.










Lights, Camera, Action!




Before the sparks fly, the team must devote itself to the script, the distribution of roles, the costumes and the filming locations. Of course, they get the support of our experienced filmmakers, who pull the strings in the background. In order for the production to pick up speed quickly, we bring along basic stories. These are based on classic film genres from action to zombie and serve as a common thread. Missing from these are the main twists and turns, which are defined by the team. In this way, within about an hour, we create our own script with curious characters and unexpected twists. As soon as it is clear where filming will take place and who will take on which role, things get underway. When the first person starts to dress, the ice is broken..




No sooner have the preparations been completed than the team finds itself on the film set. Our filmmakers now set the tone and begin to exploit their creative potential. Scene by scene, the elaborated ideas are filmed. Whether it's bloody, comical or romantic shots, the hidden talents of the participants come to the fore during the shoot. Take by take, the team becomes more familiar with the work on the set. In a few hours, about a hundred small shots are made. Of course, with equipment that comes very close to the cinema look.




During film editing, the team has a break, because our filmmakers need every second to turn the collected material into small works of art in the shortest possible time. The many scenes are strung together and underlaid with suitable music and sound effects. Small special effects are added wherever necessary. Of course, the image is colored to match the genre and imitate familiar looks. What our filmmakers make out of the material in this short time is simply magic. That's why it fits very well that during this process the team is busy with an aperitif, dinner or another program item. Because how the magic is created remains our secret.



Film premiere

Only a few hours after the film shoot is completed, the films are already ready for the eager audience that gathers in front of a big screen. It is an extraordinary experience to see yourself and your team in gripping films on the screen. An experience that leaves no eye dry. An experience that connects.
When the enthusiasm is at its highest, the best performances are crowned with awards. The audience decides who in the team has earned the trophies. A cracking finale to an unforgettable day.

Walk of Fame

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